Can anyone recommend a good Schubert "The Trout"

SACD or reg. cd.
The Pentatone release is very good both in terms of the sonics (RB and SACD) and the performance. The "filler," esp. the notturno, is just wonderful. This one gets a lot of play at my house.
Be hard to find a better one. This performance oozes joy. And the rbcd (assuming you haven't got an sacd player) layer sounds great.
Hi, came a bit late.

Try the Amadeus Quartertt (DG The Original series), with Emil Giles!

Is a reissue of the 1975 recording; Amadeus second recording of the piece. Sound quailty is better and actually quite fine. Pentatones SACD sound quality is of course better, but comparing both performances is almost unfair.

I have both discs, and keep playing Amadeus version while Pentathones remains on the shelves. Eventually i will give it another try given superior sound but never get too far listening. If you want to feel the Trout, give it a try. In my opinion Giles never sounded as good as when he played with this legendary quartett.

And as an extra you get as a (filler...?) D 810 "death and the maiden". This one is an earlier 1958 recording, but sound is Ok and again, the performance, one of the top 4 or 5 of this masterpiece ever made.

Hope you enjoy