Schumann Resonator

I got 2 of these from Amazon...careful that free returns are applicable.  I charged them up, turned them on and holy moly.....they do help with my system.   What I hear is between instruments, a definite difference in upright and electric bass, wider know...all the good stuff. At first I thought it might be increased brightness, but is still the same in that regard.  I still can't believe it, and will listen again tomorrow (saved the packaging for the return)...but today, I'm about to keep them.
We don't know everything, this just in today.

it will be just as interesting and unexpected tomorrow. 

and then another again, the day after that.

science is changing faster than the most quick witted people can handle or take on. It really is moving that fast.

So the backward looking 'cage yourself' (and try to force others so as to feel safe!) into a safe box, people who live through ignorant levels of negative proofing... will not have a single safe little monkey branch to hang on to (while they fling derisive effluent at the mindful explorers who left the tree).

The research team found that atoms of hydrogen, which are very light, provide the bonds that hold the two strands of the double helix together and can, under certain conditions, behave like spread-out waves that can exist in multiple locations at once, thanks to proton tunneling. This leads to these atoms occasionally being found on the wrong strand of DNA, leading to mutations.

Although these mutations' lifetime is short, the team from Surrey has revealed that they can still survive the DNA replication mechanism inside cells and could potentially have health consequences.

Dr. Marco Sacchi, the project lead and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, said: "Many have long suspected that the quantum world—which is weird, counter-intuitive and wonderful—plays a role in life as we know it. While the idea that something can be present in two places at the same time might be absurd to many of us, this happens all the time in the quantum world, and our study confirms that quantum tunneling also happens in DNA at room temperature."

Well, colour me curious. Just ordered my first generator, so I can "dip my ears in" before I consider taking the full plunge.

Thanks for that post. Once I uncorked the genie in my phone it refills from physics and science links all day long . I spend half my day exploring all these new avenues and twists on materials from papers around the world.