Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?

Many years a go I used to drink a vodka from Turkey named Izmira that was distilled from white beets. Wonderful!!!!!!!! Sadly no longer available in the U.S. I'm a big Belvedere fan. Slightly sweet and nuanced, but has a great vodka kick. Lately though I've discovered 360 Vodka. American made and so smooth. Almost too easy to drink. So, what's your vodka pleasure? And please, no testimonials to Popov. I know I know, something has to go in the brown paper bag, but if you have to get Kamchatka.
A must vodka you have to try is GoldLok Vodka! I was once a ketel one vodka drinker and once introduced to GoldLok, I feel in love with it. Most vodkas have that harsh burn when you drink it and many other companies cover up the poor quality vodkas with artificial flavors to cover it up. I drink Goldlok alone on ice with no chasers. The pros about this vodka is because it's organic, all natural, it's only in the 30 - low 40 range in range for a liter, the bottle is gorgeous because it all gold, and it's a conversation piece. 
Titos! Gluten free, made in the USA (Austin ,Texas) and as smooth or smoother than  most costing multiples in fancy bottles that you throw away. Why spend more? 
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