Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?

Many years a go I used to drink a vodka from Turkey named Izmira that was distilled from white beets. Wonderful!!!!!!!! Sadly no longer available in the U.S. I'm a big Belvedere fan. Slightly sweet and nuanced, but has a great vodka kick. Lately though I've discovered 360 Vodka. American made and so smooth. Almost too easy to drink. So, what's your vodka pleasure? And please, no testimonials to Popov. I know I know, something has to go in the brown paper bag, but if you have to get Kamchatka.
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Funny, how do these old threads reappear?  Anyway, I hate scotch but love a great shot of Irish whiskey or Bourbon.  From a Vodka perspective, I feel good about the Stoli elite.  It is not easy to find and is rather expensive for the vodka but oh so smooth!