Scott/Heathkit Tube Amps Modded By Mapleshade

Hi all,
Anyone have any experience with the Scott or Heathkit tube integrateds modded by Mapleshade music? Looks interesting...
i took delivery of a scott 299a from piere at mapleshade last july. the sound is beautiful. however, there is static noise (loud)when adjusting volume (40 year old switch perhaps?), rca jacks are also 40 years old and look like it. overall i'm happy because it sounds so good, but what i bought was a 40 year old amp that has been modified, not restored.
related equipment
phillips sacd player
mapleshade helix speaker cable
green mountain europa speakers
mapleshade samson rack (awesome)
Please describe the sound of the Scott amp with the Europas; I have a pair of the new Green Mountain Callisto and a Mapleshade/Scott amp coming.

How does the Scott compare to other amps you like/heard?
The scott 299a with the europas' sounds very open and neutral (i.e. not overly tube like or colored). with proper placement this combo offers a respectable soundstage. if you like loud you may be disappointed, on a loudness scale of 1-10 your only going to get a 7. mids are wonderful highs are great lows are so-so. i listen to jazz mainly and some rock. system is in a medium size room (12x12). overall sound for the price is excellant. this is a second system for me. my main system is cj 8a's, cj 16ls, cj15 phono, wadia 860, rega 3 w/exact, martin logan proteges'. this little scott/europa combo holds its own very well.
Thanks for the reply, Schiss. I kinda figured I wouldn't get super loud sound out of a 20-watt amp, but with the speakers having 90+dB, I'd get reasonable loudness in my room. my main thing was to get the beauty of tubes with the great Europa qualities talked about on this forum...and then some.
I have a Mapleshade modded 222c that is driving MMG's without difficulty. The sound quality is superb, and they can reach good volumn levels in my small (12x 12) brightish room without clipping.