Scott LK-72 Integrated Amplifier worth restoring?

Is the Scott LK-72 Integrated Amplifier a good sounding piece? How much would it be worth restored?
restored LK-72 should retail somewhere in $800ish ballpark.
this is good sounding piece you won't regret and built very smart.
Also, keep in mind that value of a vintage piece like the LK-72 is based on cosmetic condition as well. Restored electrically with mint cosmetics could go much higher, where as poor cosmetics could be much lower.
Thanks for your reply. I had seen one on craigslist and was curious as to it's value. I would like to enter the Kingdom of tubes on the cheap.
Lots of options, regarding being able to tweak it's presentation, as you rebuild.  Plan on a pair of fairly efficient speakers, unless you listen softly.  If you don't have it already, this may come in handy: