Searching for a new CD player

I would like to purchase either a new or used CD player.  Budget is about $600.  My biggest priority is finding one that will play CD's that contain some scuffs and scratches.  My current Yamaha 300 model that is a few years old does not do well in that respect.  I've read the Audiolab 6000cdt transport is good with CD's in bad condition but I will then need to add a DAC.  Not sure if any of the less expensive DAC's like the Cambridge Audio DAC Magic 100 is worth the cost since it appears to be about ten years old now.  Wondering if buying a new Marantz CD6007 or Rotel CD11 Tribute might be better since the DAC's are newer?  I noted the new Music Hall C DAC 15.3 is pretty good at handling troublesome CD's.  

Or would there be some used CD players that might outshine the new models mentioned?
The Rega Apollo-R is an excellent player and available used within your budget.
I went through this exercise myself sometime ago.  I settled on a Cambridge Audio CXC and a Pro-ject DAC that I also use for streaming (mainly because I wanted quality MQA support).  

For the price and value, it's a hard combination to beat.  
I could recommend CAMBRIDGE AUDIO - CXU. Decent player with five separate Wolfs on WM8740 DACs on board and upsampling (Adaptive Time Filtering). upsamples all audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. “Pure Audio” mode could be used to disable all processes except those participating in audio reproduction - cool future, definitely benefits SQ. Wide range of supported formats: CD, SACD, Blu-ray (BD) including BD-3D, DVD, DVD-A, AVCHD, HDCD, Kodak Picture CD, CD-R/RW, DVD+-R/RW, DVD+-R DL, BD-R/RE. Good luck!
I just use old DVD players fed into a DAC. Some of the new blu-ray players will also handle SACDs.  I own quite a few CDs and some of them have seen better days. I now mostly listen to vinyl and streaming, but I do own a few disks that are not available to me any other way. 

Take your worst disk and try it in every DVD and Blu-ray player you own. If it plays to your satisfaction get an inexpensive DAC and enjoy. You can always get a transport later.