Searching for perfect mate....Mono Cart and VPI

Of course,nothings perfect,but we do try.After months and months of negotiations I have secured a retired VPI TNT 3 with a JMW Memorial tonearm.I am putting this table back into service as a dedicated MONO machine and need some good suggestions on a great match with a Manley Steelhead (version 2) phono preamp.About 2,000 budget for a mono cart to dance into infinity with the TNT,JMW and the Steelhead?
The Ortofon Cadenza Mono ($1,300) is a very nice mono cart!

If you can stretch a little more, check out the Lyra Kleos Mono at $3,500. I heard it on the all-new Brinkmann Spyder turntable and it's a spectacular mono cart!
I really like the Audio Technica AT33 family. I got my AT33PTG/ll from 2juki on eBay.
I use a Lyra Helikon mono and it is worth to look for. No hum based on its 2 Magnets Design, very good holographic presentation linked with full tones. Works very well with Manley Steelhead.
I'll cast a second vote for the Miyajima Zero. You can go to Robyatt which is Robin Wyatt's, the distributor's, site. He has extensive experience withe VPI turntables, usually having at least one VPI model when he presents at shows. Bob's Device's is a dealer for both Miyajima and VPI.