Second MC Cartridge Choice.....Tokyo

So I am looking for a second (no 3rd) cartridge for my system....which is comprised of a Kuzma Stabi S12 w/12" 313 arm......currently running the Airtight PC-7 on it.

My other table is a Luxman PD 151 with an MM cartridge (Sumiko Amethyst) and I want to get an MC for it as well. I was thinking along the lines of the inro MSL but then wondered if maybe I would  be better off with Audio Technica Art OC9a or OC9i?

Also wondered if anyone has heard the new Hana Blue Umami?

I am going to Tokyo for an extended work trip and hoped I could find something there at an advantageous price. I am open to other suggestions.

Almost exclusively listen to jazz....lots of horns and such.

I use a Modwright PH 9.0 fed into Dennis Had tube gear and sometimes switch out to a 2a3 FI-X. While I love detail it is an organic sound I am after.....with a liquid mid-range.


thanks for any thoughts.



Yodibashi Camera in the Akihabara district of Tokyo sell MSL right off the shelf.  Last time I was there, they had a wide array of MSL cartridges in stock.  They also discount the Japanese VAT and give an additional discount for using a CC.

I am looking to experience MSL Cart's and at some point a Mutech Hayabusa.

I have seen a report from a very experienced individual, who has the experience of using TOTR Cart's from many Brands.

There is an assessment offered that suggests the Hayabusa offers a extremely close comparison the MSL, without needing to extend to the monies required to buy the MSL Cart's.

It might be worth your while to have a look to see if the Hayabusa can create has a attraction for meeting your needs.  

I don't have an direct experience but I'm personally very interested in Etsuro and they seem hard to get in the US - you might have better luck in Japan