Seeking advice on possible VPI turntable upgrade

Hello All,

Please forgive the length of this post; I hope you bear with me and read through.

Looking for advice from experienced VPI users please. I have a Scoutmaster that was my late father’s turntable. I have made numerous modifications and upgrades to it (please see below) and use it in my main system. I now have the opportunity to purchase a VPI TNT-HRX (with stick 12” arm) from an acquaintance. I had been considering saving up for the Direct Drive or other “uber table.” If I get another table, the Scoutmaster would love to my secondary rig, which still is good and gets a decent amount of use.

I do love the the sound of my modified Scoutmaster, and it’s addictive—a joy to use. I have to force myself to stop listening in the evenings so I can get some sleep!

Here are the modifications I’ve made:

1) 2” thick Terrastone platform from EdenSound for table

2. Separate Terrastone platform for motor

3. Large Terracone footers for turntable

4. Brass damping weights for chassis and motor

5. Upgrades capacitor for motor

6. ADS and SDS motor controllers

7. Stillpoints LPI record weight

8. VPI periphery ring clamp

9. 2 custom metal VPI 9” tonearms (“Classic type”) and one 9” 3D arm in addition to stock JMW9 arm, all with different cartridges (Proteus, Paua, Purpleheart, Zephyr Mk II)

10. Transparent Reference MM2 phono cables

11. Herron VTPH2A and Musical Fidelity NuVista Vinyl phono stages.

So, after  doing some reading and research, it seems that the options are: 

1)  do nothing now and  save my money for an uber table 
2)  buy the TNTHRX table now; I would need to buy a new platform for its larger footprint; then probably upgrade the arm to a 3-D or Fatboy  arm
3)  buy the dual motor fly wheel assembly for my scoutmaster now, and then possibly still get an uber table at some later point. 

 All constructive advice is welcome. My apologies again for the lengthy post and thanks in advance. 
Thanks gpgr4blu for your detailed response. I have 4 tonearms with the following cartridges: Transfiguration Proteus, Soundsmith Paua, Kiseki Purpleheart, and Soundsmith Zephyr Mk II. What’s the rest of your system, and what cartridges are you using? Thanks!
Hi Arsh:
My system consists of:
Wilson Alexia2s, Shunyata Sigma PCs and ICs (with some Audioquest Low and Stealth Indra), Triton3 and Typhon, ARC Ref 40, Ref 160Ms and Ref Phono 2, VPI HRX with rim drive, sds and superplatter, 3 tonearms (one 3d- equipped with Lyra Atlas, Dynavector XV1t and Dynavector XV1S mono (I have other carts as well- Ortofon Winfeld and Sure V15 IV but none mounted) Spectral SDR4000SV with MIT cabling for it (PC and IC), OPPO 205 for bluray, BelCanto PL1 for DVD-A, Marantz 2270 for fm tuner.