Seeking advice on several specific MC Step Up Transformers


I am looking to change my MC Step Up Transformer (SUT) and am hoping some folks may have had some experience with one or more of these combinations...

I currently use a Silvercore 1:10 SUT. It is hooked up to my Garrard 301 turntable, Thomas Schick 12” tonearm and EMT TSD 15 cartridge. The SUT then runs into a Cary Audio PH-302 MkII Phono Preamp>Supratek Chardonnay Line Preamp>a pair of Decware SE84UFO2 monoblock power amps>Altec Flamenco Speakers.

I previously had a Parasound Halo JC3+ phono preamp in this chain, but, found that the Silvercore SUT was overloading it and causing significant noisefloor. Once I upgraded to the Cary phono pre (with a much higher overload capacity), the noisefloor disappeared. And, yes, on both the Parasound and the Cary I have tested just using the MC input but much prefer the overall sound/impact/dynamics that I get by running the SUT into the MM input.

Through several conversations with two differnt SUT manufacturers I have learned that due to the EMT’s output of 1mV and the higher overload capacity of the Cary pre, an SUT of 1:20 is more ideal. 

So, after that long-winded explanation, I am wondering if anyone has used the Decware ZMC1 SUT and/or the Bob’s Device’s Sky 20 SUT. 

The Decware is a 1:20, but, has the added capability of adjustable gain. Which, as I understand, can be nice for adjusting the impedance on the fly as some records may sound a little brighter than others. The Bob’s Devices is switchable between 1:10 and 1:20. The Decware is also about $400 cheaper (which is a major consideration currently).

Hoping someone may be able to shed some light on any of this...


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"JC designed Halo JC3+ is way way better that a MM + SUT"
I would disagree with this from my experience, but some prefer phono stages with op amps.
So do both Jc3+ and gold noto p10 use opamps to achieve high gain for MC carts?
I owned a JC3 and thought it was noisy now own the PH10 and dead quiet. Yes the PH10 uses opamps.