Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience

So the past month I started a couple of threads on speaker choice on AVS forum (One asked for Powered/Active floor standing Speaker choices and another one around non-active FS speakers for a tube amp I was looking at).

But I've come to realize this was the wrong tact, got lots of flack much deserved and wanted to try to solicit the advice/opinions on this forum which I just discovered.

Short background...Hunkered down in a suburb just outside NYC now for the past 3-4 months, I started to get the itch for a dedicated 2 channel stereo Turntable setup in our living room in May. After much research and twists and turns and immediate upgraditis, as some know on here from other posts, I've finally settled in and now own a Rega Planar 10 Turntable. I also own a Sutherland phono --20/20 with LPS and that's staying. Right now the phono preamp is hooked up direct to a pair of ELAC ARF51 floorstanding speakers (all drivers powered by built in AB amps) which I like a lot BUT ITS HERE THAT I WANT MORE. Btw, I love the ELAC design of mounting the tweeter concentric in the mid driver -- makes sense to me.  I kinda wish ELAC would take the same design and make a reference speaker but thats for another day.

So to swap out the ELACs, I will obviously need an amp, but I will figure that out later and want to focus on getting the right speakers for me for what I want. So what do I want?

1. Floorstanders. Close to full range as possible. No subs.
2. Looks count since in my main living room.
3. Speakers that prioritize Imaging Imaging Imaging. That disappear in the room creating an intimate but 3D listening experience. Clean (Accurate) warm sound. No distortion. I would easily sacrifice low end for untiring highs and warm mids I don't listen to metal or hiphop anymore so I don't need loudness, more like lounge experience if that makes sense. Apologize if I got the adjectives wrong but its personal description of what I'm seeking.
4. Price Point - -$10k-25k. Room is 22x18 with 25 foot ceiling

I would like to audition/demo before I buy and since I live in the Tri-State area it should be possible. But I'm finding that obviously difficult to do right now. I listened to a pair of Salk speakers but didn't love them. And have an appt with the Audio Doctor in NJ in two weeks.

Thanks in advance.
@twoleftears Thank you. I will ask the dealer (SBS) about the Spendor Classic line.

@joey54  Thx - you are 3rd person to mention that audio shop.  They are only 40 minutes from me so I will email them about the Vandersteens.

@geoffkait Hi thanks for the reply but where did I mention wide soundstage and lots of air. I dont even know what lots of air means.  Ive never heard a wide soundstage in a lounge, have you??  Oh and do you have any recommendations? 

@fsonicsmith  What points to sterile and analytical?  Was it imaging x3? Where speakers disappear -- is that analytical?  I said I wasnt looking for fatiguing treble energy -- you've confused me because I've been told the exact opposite by most others that fatiguing treble energy is analytical and sterile.  And when you ask if I'm sincere, do you really mean I just don't know what I'm talking about or I'm not telling the truth?   Anyway, that being said, any recommendations? 

@steakster Thank you!  I started to do searches but its a bit overwhelming for me and opinions and recommendations change all the time.  But yes my current speakers image really well - blows me away; just looking for that and more.  Do you have any recommendations for imaging, tone and coherency?

@verdantaudio  Thx. I thought Raidho caters to the uber wealthy with $250,000 speakers?  I'll check out Avantgarde.

@marqmike Thx. I will check them out but my fiancee hates stands in her living room but she is amicable to large piano black towers, lol

@noromance Thx again!  Hows the 200 line?  Taking notes....

Raidho has wonderful speakers that start at $5900 and yes, do go up to $240,000 but the two models I suggested could be purchased in your price range new or used.      Like I said, PM me to discuss pricing in more detail.  
They are really worth your time and the soundstage and imaging are...addictive.  They are super flexible in terms of what amps work with them.  
Avantgarde cannot be sold on-line.  Info can be found here but both products are comfortably in your price range.

Wilson Yvette's might fill the bill, a nice looking floor stander, 3 way, that with the correct amp and cables will really sing, and sound stage well. I have them in a room a bit bigger than yours, and are in your price point.
Good luck, lots of good suggestions so far.
I was getting ready to say Salk until I read your last line. I really thought your description was describing Salk. I'm curious which line it was. Dynaudio makes great speakers also.
@mribob Thx. List is 25,500, a littl3 over where i want to be. 

@bubba12 I had a long demo on Exotica3.  They look nice, well constructed, just didn't have any connection. I'd really like to hear the SS9.5s but there are no owners near me and I live among 20 million people.