seeking advise please on my short list for new speakers? (15k budget)

for a two channel system, can be towers or stand mounts

seeking a lively, forward, energetic sound with good bass and strong dynamics that maintain instrument separation at higher volumes , willing to move into active studio monitors

my shortlist as follows;

-all Legacy Audio offerings within my budget

-ATC SCM 40 or 40a

-ATC  SCM25a pro MK2

-Dynaudio Confidence 30

-Dynaudio Focus 50

-Dynaudio Core 59

-Focal Trio 11be

open to further recommendations also








There is a pair of Wilson Sashas used for $16,900. Think it is on tubeusa.con but just Google Wilson Sasha and you will see it.

I've auditioned a lot at this price range. 

For stand mount without a question Borresen Z1 Cryo and Gauder Akustik Berlina RC3. 

For tower, Audiovector Arrete R3 and Apertura Edena. 

Assuming you have some higher end amplification, the Yamaha NS-5000 excels in all your mentioned criteria for listening and is priced right around 15k

@deep_333 I've heard both NS-3000 and NS-5000. They were good, but IMO not in the same league as Borresen and Gauder Akustik. Out of the two I preferred NS-3000. The sound was more focused and exciting. I listened to them with all Yamaha setup that included a Yamaha AS-3200. Compared to my own very highly resolving and transparent Cabasse setup, I found the Yamahas to be a bit muffled and instrument separations rather disappointing. Perhaps they might sound fantastic with better amplification and DAC.