seeking advise please on my short list for new speakers? (15k budget)

for a two channel system, can be towers or stand mounts

seeking a lively, forward, energetic sound with good bass and strong dynamics that maintain instrument separation at higher volumes , willing to move into active studio monitors

my shortlist as follows;

-all Legacy Audio offerings within my budget

-ATC SCM 40 or 40a

-ATC  SCM25a pro MK2

-Dynaudio Confidence 30

-Dynaudio Focus 50

-Dynaudio Core 59

-Focal Trio 11be

open to further recommendations also








I've auditioned a lot at this price range. 

For stand mount without a question Borresen Z1 Cryo and Gauder Akustik Berlina RC3. 

For tower, Audiovector Arrete R3 and Apertura Edena. 

Assuming you have some higher end amplification, the Yamaha NS-5000 excels in all your mentioned criteria for listening and is priced right around 15k

@deep_333 I've heard both NS-3000 and NS-5000. They were good, but IMO not in the same league as Borresen and Gauder Akustik. Out of the two I preferred NS-3000. The sound was more focused and exciting. I listened to them with all Yamaha setup that included a Yamaha AS-3200. Compared to my own very highly resolving and transparent Cabasse setup, I found the Yamahas to be a bit muffled and instrument separations rather disappointing. Perhaps they might sound fantastic with better amplification and DAC. 

You mention Legacy Audio, the Focus XD are very versatile, adn at your budget. You can run them self powered, or bi amp them with a low power nice tube amp on top. Later you can add the Wavelet 2 and have an external crossover, with room correction. You also will have the option of a DAC and preamp included if you choose to use them. (Or emergency back up) This is the direction I am headed, speakers are almost done and ready for delivery. YMMV.

@auroravengeance , you need a lot more meatheaded amplification than the A-S3200 to open those up. At 15k, they are hard to beat with the right electonics. Borressen, while magnificent, doesn't fit in his budget of 15k.