Seeking Budget CD Player Suggestions

I also posted this question in another forum. A friend of mine has an early 90s era Mac CD player which is on its last legs. Great player in its day, but he is on a budget (around $500) and needs to replace it, preferably new, dealer demo, open box, etc. Rotel CD-11 and Marantz CD-6007 have been suggested as top picks in that price range. Any other suggestions, ideas, reasoning for a particular model? If Rotel, would the Tribute or Mk. II edition be preferable? 


I have owned NAD CDP's in the past and always found them to have a nice smooth analog type sound. They are reasonably priced, usually with Wolfson or Burr Brown DAC's.  

Check out the What Hi Fi "budget compact disc players" recommendations. Have choices within your friends budget. For a slightly pricier alternative, I would suggest considering the Audiolab 6000CDT or the Cambridge Audio equivalent (transport only / $600 +/-) and find a DAC that you like within his budget. Several reputable e-store options that offer audition / full refund options. Crutchfield, Music Direct, Audio Advisors and Listen Up to name a few. Better sound, more flexibility initially and, more importantly, future upgrade options.