Seeking Coltrane Blue Train DSD download

I am desperately seeking John Coltrane Blue Train DSD download. One of my absolute favorite jazz albums. I was planning on purchasing it from Acoustic Sounds right after the holidays and they shut their digital downloads down on 12/31. I know I can purchase it as a 24/192, but this is one of my favorites and used to own the SACD before I had a home break-in and a lot of stuff was stolen including most of my CD’s so now I basically only stream. I have an Innuos Zen mkIII that I use to store my purchased downloads on and it sounds amazing and DSD is just phenomenal. SO anyway, I searched the net, HD tracks and others and cannot find Blue Train on DSD. Its just funny because Acoustic sounds was offering it so maybe someone will offer it for purchase, I just haven’t found it. Oh, and I don't a SACD player anymore otherwise I would buy a used SACD.
@whipsaw not familiar with .aif? Is it a DSD file?The other DSD's that I downloaded were a .dsf format
If you know how to get the .dsf file off the SACD, I would be happy to send you my disc.  There is software that I believe can accomplish that but not sure how to do it. 
Why I have analog as well as digital.

Can buy the LP and have it forever.

looking at my copy of Blue Train on Blue Not 1577 right now.