Seeking floorstander for low watt SET

Looking at Tekton, Hornshoppe, Cerwin Vega, Hawthorne, Brines,Zu,Klipsch etc. Room size 15 x 20, or so. Mainly rock from 1960 to 1975. Some jazz, some orchestral. Ideas from those who have first-hand experience appreciated.
Give a listen to the Devore O96's. They are very, very nice in performance and build quality.
Used to use a pair of Cerwin Vega's before I got my Klipsch Cornwalls. I would say that Cerwin Vega's are probably the best of so-called "mid-fi." Not sure if they are efficient enough for a low-watt SET, though. Certainly the other models on your list are a big step up in sound quality.
What is the SET amp you have? There's is a much bigger difference in drive capability between various amp and tube designs than beginners tend to realize.

Believe it or not, one man's "low watt" is another's veritable monster amp (speaking of the miliwatt SET camp)
Hmmm...You use a low watt SET to listen mainly to classic rock? Well, I guess a Zu Essence may be your best bet. 10.3 inch woofer, 97 db sensitivity. Some folks are happy with the Tektons, also with a large driver and sensitive. I'm loving my Omega MaxHemp V2s, but it has an 8 inch driver which may not be enough for you to rock out with in that size room. As a former Essence owner I will say hands down that the Omega is a much more organic and natural sounding speaker than the Zus but our listening tastes differ as I listen mainly to jazz and classical. Just a thought: if you consider changing your amp, your speaker options will open up IMHO.
Another idea is the easy-to-drive Coincident speaker. They have a large side-firing woofer which may make things easier for rock in a large room like yours. I bought a pair and couldn't get rid of them fast enough. However, the overwhelmingly favorable opinion of the Coincident speakers one this site shadow the few negative ones.