Seeking good advice on electronics for my ML 's.

Hi fellow enthusiast - I currently have Martin Logan Ascents (mains), Cinema (center), NHT (surrounds). I have (lol) Sony Tae9000es proc and the matching amp Tan9000es - both of which i'm going to sell. This brings me to my Q. I was considering Sunfire, Bryston, Aragon, or Anthem as my electronics in 7 ch setup. I was hoping someone could steer me in the right direction as far as what would be a good match in electronics with my Logans. I also intend on replacing the NHTs with Martin Logan surround so all speakers will match - though undecided which model to use. Thanks for any input (no pun intended)!!
If you're talking about a 7-channel (multichannel) amp, then of your choices, I'd go with Bryston. Aragon or Anthem second, Sunfire last. They're all pretty close, HOWEVER, Bryston carries a 20-year transferrable warranty, which means you could buy used with no worry.
Lexicon is no slouch for processing.
The bryston would be a killer amp match.
A little more affordable would be the Parasound.
Anything above and including the Aeon would make for a great surround speaker. The Script is the wall mount "surround" speaker from ML.

Good luck!
I have to disagree with the above posters. I've had three different pairs of ML's (SL-3, Aeon, and Prodigy's) and found Bryston amps to sound too upfront and rather agressive. I had these paired with both SS and tube preamps. Overall I really preferred tubes, but with a surround system I understand this isn't very practical. For SS, I found Classe', Theta, and Bel Canto much more to my liking. Just goes to show YMMV.........

You might get better input if you tell us what you listen to, and what you are trying to achieve.

Chris, I was just responding to the choices staticfanatic offered. If they'd asked for recommendations, my response would have been different.

One has to be careful pairing SS w/ Logans, unless biamping and just using SS for the bass. I like my Levinson 23.5, but don't know much about (the sound of) Levinson's new multichannel amp.

A lot of folks use Bel Canto with Logans. It might be helpful for staticfanatic to post his question on the ML Owner's Club site.