seeking ‘HORN’ ideas apart from Klipshc Lascalla

hello all!

Horns, and just now, the Klipsch Lascalla interests me and as a new purchased items, ala, $12K MSRP, are doable.

to gain a wider perspective what other avenues, choices, or options in competing brands could be suggested as alternative selections in the $8K to $15K new or used arena?

i’m aware adding sub (s) is a likely necessity with the Lascallas, and possibly many other such speakers..

power is up in the air and nothing yet is set to stone, but any speaker candidates will be used with tube or SS amps. Tubes predominately of course. albeit, not necessarily SET Flea wattage amps, e.g., 2a3, 300B, etc., though I’d not wish to rule out these types as a later down the road application .

I’ve heard only at shows sevewral brands and have not been thrilled by Avante gard Duos or uno’s especialy.

I have enjoyed immensely the Classic audio T1s but am having issues justifying their near $40K entry fee.

overall, i do enjoy the idea of the sheer impact and presence horns produce but feel from my brief listening experiences in show venues imaging often lacked yet contributed this attribute to room conditions and or the LP itself being perhaps too close.

truth be told, even cone speakers are not totally off the table as considerations, as some ‘hybrid’ bass powered systems appear to be quite easily driven;.

predominately, my main caveats here are size of units and the room dims. they will be set.

for a bit , room size will be 13.5ft x 21ft x 8.5ft and using the short wall.

albeit the current room dims will increase, it is not yet known to what extent, though the desire is to land in a larger, but not huge dedicated listening room. likely a tad wider one in any event

secondly, given present room dims, it seems to me placing speakers in there which are taller than about 4ft or so, is going to be excessive…. ?

lastly, imaging is usually a pet peve of mine. the better the imaging the more involved the presentation seems to be IMO. certainly imaging is not the whole shooting match and orgainics, speed, leading edge def, decay, lower register deliniation, and presence all play quite significant roles.

as I’m at the onset of putting together this outfit any suggestions are definitely appreciated in terms of speaker ideas other than the Lascalla per se.

alas, DIY, or kit options are off the table as assenbly is no longer something I’m comfortable doing..

as for power, consider what ever amps are involved, I’d probagbly use what ever quality amps whose outputs are 25wpc or greater, be it one chassis or two. the plan is to acquire more than one sort of power amp in topology and or output along the way.

huge thanks, .
JBL 4367s sound amazing. I mostly listen to rock, hard rock and heavy metal but I love the speakers so much I will put on Jazz, country or some classical just to hear how amazing it sounds coming through these speakers. they are very detailed, dynamic, realistic and have amazing tight bass. I have the Goldenear Tritons in my room and they sound great in their own right but not in the same league as the JBL’s, which are so much bigger and badder sounding. On some songs played very loudly with SS gear, the horns can get a little sharp sounding and I’ve had good luck with a Bob Carver 275 tube amp which tames it a bit. 
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Definitely check out Volti.

blindjim> I heard one of the line up last year at the fla audio show pushed by outlaw powwer though it was all analog. no digital input. missed them this year but think I will be able to check him out again in the not too distant future as I’ve gotta ….get to TN soon for a personal matter.

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I am suggesting that there are a boat load of different horn speakers out there, including many brands and models you don't read about on Audiogon. Do a little research based on your musical and SQ preferences, your gear, your room and your budget.

blinjim> a lot? If that is not an under statement of the first order I dont know what one is. definitely got that. thanks for the input!

Blindjim I am curious if you are blind? I recently lost 85% of the vision in my eyes due to a stroke and the optic nerve.

blindjim> yeah. not ‘black out’ blind though. I can still percieve light OK in one eye, not so good in the other.

I got an infection during a deployment to the Middle east while serving in the USN back in the early ’70s. it was not well administered and set in place a long steady degredation of my sight to the point of being now legally blind. its been 40 years or so since I’ve driven. longer since I’ve been able to read print unassisted.

>>If you were looking for horn speakers I would recommend you find my forum titled Horne speaker recommendations

blindjim> yep. saw that one a day or so ago. very nice.

>>I ended up ordering Viking acoustic grande voix speakers.
As for amplification, I ended up ordering canary audio grand reference 300 B mono

blindjim> it may change but I’m thinking to nab a nice integrated tube amp, ala VAC 70ia, or a pr of tube monos to use with my Thor line stage then start figuring what ever is brought in early can be resold or kept as a trickle down outcome if needs be or used simply as achange of pace arrangement.

Use Music Direct...return if you don’t like! They have Klipsch and JBL.

blindjim> did not know”?! if push comes to shove and I have to eat shipping, well, ew’ll see. thanks much!

A lot of opptions with horns/high efficiency speaker approach, many of them quite viable and with different strengths and weaknesses.

thanks very much.
yes indeed. I see this notion could be lengthy just getting a basic understanding, not to menntion any real world listening exp. whoa.
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