Seeking input on Larsen speakers

Hi all,
was hoping someone here on the forums might have spent some time with Larsen speakers (the new 9 has some attractive aspects, but it’s hard to find much in the way of reviews online ). 
It seems like the design is pretty polarizing - from what I have seen people either love the resulting sound, or find the design rife with problems. 
If anyone has any first hand experience, I’d love to hear your thoughts and impressions, as I’ve had an interest in Larsens but have never had a chance to hear them. 
i heard the flagship at the time ( 3 ish years ago ) at a shop in wine country ( Healdsburg, CA ) and they held up very well against the much more expensive Blades also on offer there..I think if you need an against the wall solution they present a very worthwhile audition 

have fun, enjoy the music.
Hi all,
thanks so much for the feedback! Really helps to hear your thoughts on the design and sound of the larsens - with the 9s they seem to have put some extra effort into build quality and aesthetics - hopefully will run into a pair someday (seems like a speaker that truly has to be heard in person to know if you’ll like it ). 
I listened to either the 8 or 9 at Axpona this year and was very impressed. To be honest I can’t recall the details but they were among the best I heard in a typically poor trade show hotel room environment. If you are interested, seek them out. It’s worth the effort. 
One other speaker that gets a miss and is still available, the Direct Acoustics Silent Speaker. The looks may not be great, but the price to fun factor is in the extreme here. I owned a pair for a few years.

These can be placed very close to the wall behind them, tailor your bass response with that distance, work a little with toe for staging etc., good to go.
Another really fun thing which I tried briefly, and I believe was mentioned in Stereophile(?) review possibly, place a pair, so two pairs back to back, for an even more Omni presentation. It worked quite well. One had to be a bit more careful with positioning, but it worked quite well.
Many fun speakers out there to listen to, sometimes it is just taking the time and effort to search them out and hear for yourself what sounds good to your ears!

I heard some Larsens--6's??--at CAF 2018, set up on long wall of small hotel room.  Listening sofa jammed against opposite wall.  I was severely underwhelmed.  And yes, surprise, surprise, there was no depth of soundstage.