Seeking Legit Cartridge Expert?

Anyone out there have a reputable guy who knows the nuances of carts in the $2000+ range? So many opinions.....

current set up 

VPI Super Prime Scot / 10.5 arm

Hana ML

Harbeth 40.3XD 

What's going to drastically improve my sound / detail....mostly listen to Hard Rock, Zeppelin etc....




Brian Walsh

He uses Analog Magic. 

I am not sure where you live but he does travel. 


And here I thought the OP wanted to contact a person with expertise on phono cartridges, specifically in the $2K price range. I’d advise reviewing the dozens of threads that speak to the question, and then take the leap based on what opinions seem most cogent. In the end, there is no other expert on your ears and your system but you.

Thanks for the recommendation, hsounds. In addition to Analog Magik I use Feickert Adjust+ Pro which was discontinued a while ago.

And yes, I travel to do setups. Went to Capital Audio Fest in November, driving to the show in Tampa next month, and got back from Atlanta recently. Probably flying to southern California for setup work very soon. It's all good.



I had an Ortofon Quintet Blk and the stylus just unhinged and disappeared! Complete disappointment with 0 help from Ortofon so Im kinda soured with them...thanks though...