Seeking Legit Cartridge Expert?

Anyone out there have a reputable guy who knows the nuances of carts in the $2000+ range? So many opinions.....

current set up 

VPI Super Prime Scot / 10.5 arm

Hana ML

Harbeth 40.3XD 

What's going to drastically improve my sound / detail....mostly listen to Hard Rock, Zeppelin etc....




“Legit” is just a social media trope. Anyways… don’t rule out the widely acclaimed AT VM540ML. That’s what I use to listen to Zeppelin and a lot of other guitar-centric classic rock. As a bonus, its micro line stylus life is twice that of most other premium stylus profiles including Shibata. 

VPI offering me a trade in on my Unipivot to get a 3D Fatboy Gimbal for around $2900 …thoughts folks ? 
My thought is improved stability and absorbs vibration better , I like those angles ..



I'd spend half of that amount and just get a "better" cart.

Your setup just needs to be optimized.

I've heard VERY NICE  VPI setups with $5k+ /unipivot.