Seeking opinions about phono specific interconnects

To start with, I am not in the crowd that opposes using cables as tone controls, so let's let that subject lie dormant (I'm also not in the analytical purist crowd). What I'm interested in here is getting suggestions for a phono cable that might tame an Audio Technica AT-MONO3/LP cartridge without making the sound soft. I find that a Cardas Clear Cygnus phono cable is just too soft sounding. I'll add that I am exceptionally sensitive to higher frequencies due to having Hyperacusis. That sensitivity is the reason for the question.

I suppose that a possible alternative is a different cartridge. Might that be a better solution?

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OP's Hearing Problem will not be relieved by refining VTA, .....

"I'll add that I am exceptionally sensitive to higher frequencies due to having Hyperacusis"


Equalizer Inputs/Outputs: check,

Some, like the Rockville have XLR and/or MIC jacks, no RCA. for those, XLR/RCA adapters can be used

Others, Like the BSR have RCA in/out

Someone alerted me to this discussion thread, as hsounds mentioned the service I provide,

Upgrading tonearm cables can help, but it is likely the icing on the cake, not the way to achieve substantially better performance. I've been setting up 'tables for many years, and these days hardly anything fazes me. I dial in everything, and the lack of noise, width and depth of the soundstage, richness and dynamics can be dramatic in most cases. It's worth it on almost any rig costing say $2k or more. I've worked on turntable systems worth well over $150k down to a $200 Crosley integrated -- the young lady with the latter expressed elation with the sound, which is what it's all about.

I travel a fair amount. I just got back from doing a setup in southern California and am likely to be going back that way soon to do more. I'm driving to the Tampa show next week (I'll be spending time in the Convergent Audio Technology room if you're there, would enjoy meeting you), doing setups at the show and en route before and afterward. It's so rewarding to see happy clients, and they tend to be really fine people. As a result I get referrals and repeat clients.

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