seeking preamp suggestions for Lamm M1.2 amps

just got the amps and although they work great with my Cary SLP-005 pre - the Cary has too much gain I feel. I can only use the volume from off(7AM) to about 9:30-10AM and then it becomes to loud. The Cary feeds an Innersound crossover/amp that can attenuate the Cary's output but it doesn't sound as good using both volume controls (expecially the Innersound attenuating the volume say down to 50 or so out of 99). My only source is an Audiologic 34MXL being fed by a modified Squeezebox. Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe the Lamm L2 Ref. but its a little pricey even used. Any low output/low gain units come to mind? I've tried passives/TVC before in other systems and don't care for them. I like a good active pre/linestage.

Herron VTSP-3, if you are after neutrality. This latest version has low/high gain mode, a remote & uses 6922s.
Thanks Ipy, I forgot to say balanced in's & out's would be nice or I'll have to switch all my cables and I LOVE the Fusion Audio Interlocker's I have.

My friend uses an ARC Ref. 3 with his Lamm M2.2s, (the more powerful class A/B cousin to the M1.2), and it sounds great. It runs both single ended as well as balanced inputs and outputs, and it has a great remote control that controls everything.

(And, in case you're interested, I use the Ayre K-1xe with my Lamm M2.1s, and it sounds great too, and I recommend it hightly. (But you said you preferred a tube preamp, and the Ayre is solid state.) The Ayre has a remote, but it is only used for volume control and not for switching sources. I know that the Ayre can have its output adjusted merely by changing resisters on the board. Which is something I need to do at some point too, whenever I can stop listening to music, and get my lazy butt off the couch and do it! :-)

My two cents worth.
Good Luck in your search!