Seeking suggestions for Preamp

Current speakers/amps:

- Wilson Sophia 2's
- Pass XA 100.5 and/or Citadel 1.5 amps

Preamps auditioned:
- Audio Research REF 3
- VTL 5.5
- Esoteric C-03
- Doshi Alaap

I don't like the REF 3 - there's nothing about it that I like. The VTL was dirty sounding. The Esoteric was nice, but brand new and I only auditioned it for an hour or so, but it didn't quite have the body I was looking for.

The Doshi has it in spades and might be my answer, but I'm looking to see what else is out there.

I'm looking for something romantic and a bit bloomy, but NOT noisy and very extended (don't like anything the least bit rolled off on top).

I'm about to try the Pass XP-20 preamp even though it's solid state.

Any ideas of other pre's to pursue?
All very fine choices but I would definitely add the Einstein preamp to your list
Absolutely the best preamp I have ever heard, bar none.

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That last message was referring to The Messenger. Not sure why it dropped the first line. My apologies.