Seeking suggestions for Preamp

Current speakers/amps:

- Wilson Sophia 2's
- Pass XA 100.5 and/or Citadel 1.5 amps

Preamps auditioned:
- Audio Research REF 3
- VTL 5.5
- Esoteric C-03
- Doshi Alaap

I don't like the REF 3 - there's nothing about it that I like. The VTL was dirty sounding. The Esoteric was nice, but brand new and I only auditioned it for an hour or so, but it didn't quite have the body I was looking for.

The Doshi has it in spades and might be my answer, but I'm looking to see what else is out there.

I'm looking for something romantic and a bit bloomy, but NOT noisy and very extended (don't like anything the least bit rolled off on top).

I'm about to try the Pass XP-20 preamp even though it's solid state.

Any ideas of other pre's to pursue?
All very fine choices but I would definitely add the Einstein preamp to your list
Absolutely the best preamp I have ever heard, bar none.

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That last message was referring to The Messenger. Not sure why it dropped the first line. My apologies.
There is an Einstein on Audiogon right now, world class pre amp that allows tube rolling unlike ARC Ref 3. Make sure you use better feet and after market power cord to hear it's true potential, same goes for any tube pre amp.