Seeking Tube Integr. Advice for klipsch forte

My brother is ready to take the plunge into tube gear and is looking for some helpful suggestions. He wants to get an integrated tube amp, preferably something self-biasing with his price range being anywhere from $600 to $1,300.

Being fond of his Klipsch Fortes, he is planning to keep them for some time to come. Their sensitivity rating is 99 so of course they should be very easy to drive. But how much power will he need to retain the tight bass response he is used to from S.S. gear while at the same time achieve the gorgeous mid range bliss he wants?

He is aware of the Primaluna but right now it's his only idea. I suggested he might get great bang for his buck with something in the 12 to 30 watt power range and not have to spend as much as he thought. We decided to ask the tube-lovers here at Audiogon for their advice. We would much appreciate your input.

BTW, His musical taste go from piano jazz all the way to the Grateful Dead. Probably with less emphasis on rock and more on acoustical vocals and instrumentals with time.

I have Klipsch Fortes and I love them. A lot of sound for the money. I use them with a Cary SLI-80 which is 50 watts in the triode mode.

Here's another suggestion in the price range

good listening

I had Fortes for years, running on 25 wpc VTL Tiny Triodes (not integrated amps though). Quite nice. I could make it loud enough that I didn't want to be in the room.

The issue of bass though is really one of damping factor and that's a measure of the ability of the amp to control the woofer. Tube amps don't have high damping factors like SS or Class D amps.

Whatever you get, I'd seriously think about USED at that price range. There's a nice selection on Audiogon right now - search under tube amps - integrated. I see a Manley Stingray at $1499 or so...

Bob Wood
Why not go vintage? I have run Forte's beautifully with a Fisher 800-B tube receiver. Excellent bang for buck.
99db @ 1 watt
102db @2 watts
105db @4 watts
108db @8 watts
111db @16 watts
Anything louder and he'll go deaf!
Every 10db doubles the perceived volume.
On the cheap, some EL84 based amps or EL34 by ASL or Jolida would fit the bill.
He really should audition some amps at home if he can. He just might be thrilled with something in the 3 to 10 watt range using 2A3's or 300B if he can find them in his price range.