Seeking Warm Towers - under $1500.

Yes I am a newbie.

Lokking for advice as to what speakers to seek out listen and eventually buy...

Pairing with Adcom GFA-545II and the GTP-500II. for a two channel setup.

Am going FLAC and will buy, in all likelyhood, a PS Digital Link DAC and squeezebox or comparable.

Now comes the speakers. The benchmark speaker for me are the Totem Forest's(4k). There are not many shops near me to test listen. but I have tried Monitor's, Paradigm's, Genelec, and The Forest's were it by a country mile.

music consists of primarily vocal & blues.

I am all ears as to suggestions.

Thank you
Here are some suggestions from the classifieds for speakers that may fit your bill.

Onix Strata Mini (well received by many)
Rega XEL - possibly- Rega is known for warm speakers
Totem Forests $1500 obo- you might get for less than your budget
Totem Sttaf- since you like the Totem sound
Tannoy Eyris 3

Good hunting.

I'm only replying because a.) I'm a relative newbie too, b.) my music is all digital, with a growing number of Apple lossless files (akin to FLAC), played through a DAC, and c.) my speakers are $1500 towers.

They are B&W's latest, the 683s. I think they sound pretty great. They use a similar midrange driver to that of their flagship 800 series. With my current setup, (Rowland Capri preamp and 102 amp) I wouldn't exactly describe them as warm. I'd say they run pretty uncolored. However, before I got the preamp, I was using them with only the Rowland 102 and an Arcam preamp, and the sound was definitely warmer.
Onix Rockets are a true bargain in your price range. Sold direct from
The other obvious choice is Vandersteen 2ce or older 2ci. Search the archives, they're the #1 selling audiophile of all time, and w/good reason. They do everything pretty well, and err on the warm side, so they are a bit more forgiving of less than stellar electronics(such as Adcom -- no slam intended, but you should eventually consider upgrading those).
Totem Arros are nice, sorta like the Forests, but belong in smallish rooms. Keep that in mind. Cheers,