Seen the news about Peachtree and Bluesound partnership?

Just read that Peachtree Audio and Bluesound have formed some kind of a new partnership. I'd assume that this will mean that future Peachtree integrated amps will come with Bluesound streaming as a part of the package. If so, and if the price is right, this could be pretty cool, I'm thinkin'.

Especially as I've been looking to set up an office system without breaking the bank.

Any thoughts about what this partnership may offer going forward?


-- Howard

It looks like they are using the OS instead of developing their own.
You can probably setup an office system now for cheaper than when products come out of this.
Hopefully, the new Bluesound stuff will stream better than what they currently have.   I have had so many problems with the three I own, I am now looking for new Roon Endpoints.  Streaming AAC files are okay but streaming hi res WAV files or FLAC files is impossible.
Having trouble with your 3 Bluesound gear?  Really?  I have 3 separate systems, two of them has a Bluesound Node 2 and the other Bluesound Node 2i and they have been performing flawlessly since I purchased them.  I am mostly into vinyl, 
CD, and Tape and wanted to test the streaming waters without spending a ton of money and the Bluesound fit the bill perfectly.  I do have some really good electronics behind it but the sound is really good streaming Spotify.  Can it be better with a more expensive streamer/DAC, of course.  But for the money and ease of setup it’s a good value.

Very odd announcement> I just inquired about this (future MQA integration ) to Peachtree before my purchase of the Nova 300 last month and was told they had no plans of such. I do own and use a Node 2i along with the Nova 300. Had I known this, maybe I would have waited for the next gen to come. Maybe the way I asked <MQA> instead of specific Bluesound was the issue? Either way these two pieces of gear, for me work together flawlessly and sound great to me on both my Polk 707’s and B&W N803’s. +1 @gjrad my results also reflect this performance of the Bluesound Node 2i I have. @spatialking the history of wifi usage of these streamers have been suspect and inconsistent. Once hardwired they tend to work flawlessly.
issues with Bluesound????

I only use Node 2i in my office but it works great.

Even my wife can use it with no issues..