Seller Unresponsive after payment.


I just bought a DAC from @madavid0 last Sept.14 and have paid through Paypal once I commited the buy option of the listing. He only responded once after one week of no communication and said item will be ship that week because he said he was out of town. I understood that and it is almost two weeks after and no replies on my messages.

How do I go about it? And what kind of feedback do I give for other potential buyers to be aware of what kind of a seller he is.


Call him on the phone first , when you hit the buy button ,his email

and telephone number is in that contact area call him a few times and see if you get a response.  The ad seems pretty legit with all the knowledge 

how was his feedback?  Call him.

Pay pal must be busy. Seems like scams are showing up in online purchases alot these days.🤥

I have a slightly different perspective. I ordered a Parasound A51 amp from New Age Electronics, at a price that seemed too good to be true. I had checked them out before I ordered, and they seemed legitimate. Long story short, it took almost three weeks to arrive, and seller communication was minimal. But I’m enjoying my new amp that was priced $1400 under what most sellers are charging. In this Amazon age of overnight delivery, we all have heightened expectations (myself included). But sometimes patience pays off. 

Not that this is the case here, but this is why no one should agree to pay via PayPal family and friends unless they are family and friends. No recourse. The 3% addon is well worth it.