Selling here on Audiogon

Hi it's been quite a while since I listed items for sale here on "Agon" what has  happened? It seems like gear used to move fast vs other sites  I don't want to mention the other sites name in fear of the almighty censor gods removing my post. Anyway has  anyone else experienced this?



The last item i sold on here was the parasound a21+ that i sold 2 weeks ago.

it sold within 4 hrs of listing it


i think more realistically people are too greedy with their prices especially dealers

I agree with others that dealers are increasingly a larger part of the Agon sellers, and yes, they- two in particular- are trying to jack prices up and sell years old gear for 70% of its original MSRP. Gear like this could have been bought new for 20% off of MSRP much of the time so trying for 30% off years later is not reasonable. You'll also see a Chicago dealer with multiple listings for the same products over and over again on dozens of products. With that said I find that generally if you price right you'll sell pretty quickly. "Price right" means different things to different people but generally it's got to take into account the product might be years and models old, is not perfect and could have been discounted when new. A starting target might be 50% or more off of original price. 

I think if something is newer or a “named” brand like Parasiund or Crutchfield type equipment it will always sell fast as people have a direct  comparison to new. Also there are so many cables and brands out there that not many people know them all. Used equipment is tough as people have to really want that specific piece for their system.  Also with many free shipping sites it’s hard to keep pricing worth the savings.  

I agree with all the above, but  I've sold a turntable, amp, preamp and a server and sold them quickly as I put fair prices on them with detailed descriptions. And they were popular brands which also helps. 

Although it is annoying how many dealers put their equipment up. But having been in the stereo business long ago, they have to move their trade-ins and not keep their money tied up in old equipment. And of course they use the trade-ins as an opening to sell new equipment.  

if you think the listed prices are not reasonable, do not buy them.

then, the dealers' items will expire.  then, listed again, expired, ...

this is one of the ways to make prices reasonable.