Selling my dads top of the line system

My father just passed of a stroke suddenly. He was very big in the audio game. He as Revel Ultima Salon 2 speakers, 2 mark levinson model 536 pre apps, Mcintosh C50 pre amp, Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD blue ray player, at least 3 Audio quest water cabels, 2 or more viper power cables. This is what I know of that he currently has hooked up. What is my best option for selling it? Should I bundle it together, or piece it out? He loved his system so I don’t just want to sell it for nothing, but honor his memory and make sure the system finds a good home. If I did not have 3 kids  Home audio stores by me have been no help. Its all in premium shape, with the boxes, manuals, and remotes.
First of all, very sorry for your loss. Your dad had great taste in gear. This is some very, very high quality gear, and it is worth a considerable amount of money.

I agree with Glen. You will do much better selling these speakers and components separately than as a system. Hifishark is a great suggestion for getting a perspective on pricing. It looks as if you have at least $25-30K worth of equipment here, maybe more--and that is what you could reasonably expect to get for this gear used, NOT the retail cost, so this will amount to quite a chunk of money.

Once you decide to sell, I would recommend Audiogon or US Audio Mart, which has really picked up a lot of steam in the past year or two as a good place to sell gear. There are a few other sites as well, though I personally have had the best luck with these two.

Good luck. This is a great community, so I am sure you'll get a lot of good tips from other members.

Please accept our condolences. If I can help in a Support way to guide you on listing these items, please contact me at your convenience to, Attention: Tammy Holt  
So sorry for your loss.You might consider keeping one of the items for later on down the road when the kids get bigger and you can put something together.You can have a piece of your Dads Gear in your system.
What town are you located in? The reason I ask is that it is a virtual certainty that someone on this site with a fine level of experience and high character would be willing to drop by and help you catalog the items. They may also be willing to assist you marketing the items, which would be a tremendous help to you both in terms of worry as well as value realized.

Absolutely no offense is intended whatsoever but you have no track record on Audiogon nor a reputation to fall back on in the audio community so the odds of you receiving maximum value for the gear should you try to sell it yourself would be remote. When I am shopping for gear on Audiogon, I will not purchase at all from individuals with no feedback unless it is a face to face transaction. If others are as cautious as well, that would limit your audience. A tenured Audiogon member could assist in that regard considerably.

Sincere condolences to you and your family. You have some tough days ahead and we all wish you peace and comfort as you endure this trying time.
I would keep it . It takes a lot of years of upgrading to end up at that level of gear.