Selling off Tubes for Solid State, A Cooler Love Story?

I've always sought out Primaluna gear as my end all be all gear. I started with an integrated, then went to separates and have been very, very happy. What has given me such good sound, is also causing the room temperature to be somewhat annoying. Being in a little shoe box room of 10x15, I've had to result to opening a window, which is becoming tiresome. 

The heat from just the KT88's is causing me to considering going solid state, which will be in preparation for the Summer in my tiny upstairs room. I'd like to possibly get a second amp for the summer months, but am not sure where to start with solid state amps. Do I pick up a BHK? Do I go all in on a used Ypsilon or Dartzeel? What did you look for in a solid state amp and where should I look? I BHK I could test drive at home, but a used Ypsilon I wouldn't able able to try and would just have to pull the trigger. Any advice or guidance is appreciated. 


I had Primaluna in So Florida- they gen too

much heat

tried Arcam, Peachtree, Rotel   And settled with Rotel A14

my room is small 12/14’ and the Rotel sounds terrific

its Class A for low vol and it’s not warm at all

sound is terrific 





@j-wall  Others have asked - what is your budget? Two names I would add are Ayre Acoustics and Bryston. As good as Pass class AB products to me. Great support from the manufacturers. Very neutral and smooth compared to Rogue Sphinx, which I auditioned before buying a Rogue Stereo 100 for one of my systems.

Both work well with speakers that drop to 2 ohms. High current amps with great power reserves and excellent transient response. Expensive. Bryston provides a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. Can buy used knowing manufacturer will service them, if needed. Many Magnepan dealers use Bryston amps in their showrooms.

Good luck!

+1 for AGD. I had the Vivace and now have upgraded to the Grand Vivace, very happy with them.

Here's what I did. I had a pair of Dynaco MkIII mono blocks, but also an ST-70 all modified with new driver boards. I sold the Mono Blocks and bought a Yamaha A-S1200. I use the pre out to the ST-70 when I want to use it. 10x13 room.