Selling off Tubes for Solid State, A Cooler Love Story?

I've always sought out Primaluna gear as my end all be all gear. I started with an integrated, then went to separates and have been very, very happy. What has given me such good sound, is also causing the room temperature to be somewhat annoying. Being in a little shoe box room of 10x15, I've had to result to opening a window, which is becoming tiresome. 

The heat from just the KT88's is causing me to considering going solid state, which will be in preparation for the Summer in my tiny upstairs room. I'd like to possibly get a second amp for the summer months, but am not sure where to start with solid state amps. Do I pick up a BHK? Do I go all in on a used Ypsilon or Dartzeel? What did you look for in a solid state amp and where should I look? I BHK I could test drive at home, but a used Ypsilon I wouldn't able able to try and would just have to pull the trigger. Any advice or guidance is appreciated. 


The Boulder 866 has stellar reviews. I’m not sure about the heat generated compared to your PL. Good luck in your search. 

The Vincent Audio 237 integrated is a front end and SS amp....very sweet and under 3K.   I own Belles Aria 70 W integ. and love the smoooooooooth edges.

I had a pair of VK75SE monos in a big room and it put out lots of heat. Same for the 845 amp I used to own.. 

The Pass XA25 get fairly warm to touch but Doesn’t heat up the room.. Same for my FW SIT3 amp. 

Those early Pass Aleph got so hot the black anodizing turns purple..... really good Class A designs run pretty hot and use as much idle current as a tube amp