Selling on Audiogon

It appears that it has become more difficult for individuals to sell equipment on Audiogon. com. Has anyone else had that experience. PayPal requires you to set up a business and the other available option also appears difficult. Am I alone in such an experience? Any other alternative that can be suggested?
Ordinarily I can sell iceboxes to Eskimos but that USAudiomart is a tough nut to crack. It must be a subset of the audiophile population. ūüė¨
As @grannyring has stated,
fees for big ticket items are very costly here. I've had $3000 and $2000 items for sale and don't like being charged based on the asking price since I sold one of the items for much less, but still paid $69 for the listing.

I've had good experiences buying and selling at US Audio, but there are many more tire kickers and lowball offers.

US Audio Mart is another option but it seems as if things move slower there I have no answer to why that is. 
It seems as if lowballing is now the rule not the exception here anymore. Unfortunately builders of equipment, cables and gear are going to need to get in line with the new norm of our hobby. I can't seem to sell a pair of Nordost cables at half the retail in near mint condition. At one time you can get sell Nordost for over half retail now not so much
Sellers in the USA and Canada would sell quicker and for a better price if they were prepared to sell internationally. In my case there are desirable items that are just not available in Australia.
I sold a three thousand dollar amp a couple weeks ago and it cost me seventy-five bucks. Sold in 3 days. The pay pal deal ( getting set up) was just a couple extra clicks. Happy camper here ….