Selling on Audiogon

It appears that it has become more difficult for individuals to sell equipment on Audiogon. com. Has anyone else had that experience. PayPal requires you to set up a business and the other available option also appears difficult. Am I alone in such an experience? Any other alternative that can be suggested?

1/ Ebay, 10% fees up to a maximum of $750, wow thanks !
Pros, huge audience and exposure.
Cons, costs, stupid lowball offers, ebay sides with buyers 95% of the time no matter what the real issue is.

2/ Audiogon, 2% fees.
Pros, smaller audience but hopefully more knowledgeable and not prone as much to silly lowball offers.
Cons, smaller audience, fees based on original listing price NOT sale price.

3/ USA Audiomart, no fees up to 7 listings per month for free members.
Pros, free listings, larger audience than the Gon, semi knoledgeable.
Cons, slowest sales platform IME, still get plenty of lowball offers.

Paypal requirements and fees apply equally to all three if you use that as payment medium.
i have been a huge audiogon buyer and seller since the old days when selling was a flat fee of $4 as i remember. usaudiomart is just like the old audiogon and very user friendly. the deal is strictly between buyer and seller as it should be. if you have an in demand item it will sell as well there as on audiogon. from a cost to audiogon viewpoint there is no difference between a $500 item and a $5000 item. they charge too much imo. i strongly suggest trying usaudiomart.
Over the past 3 years I have sold- Roon Nucleus, Oppo 203,
HH Scott Receiver, Audible Illusions preamp, Cary Amp. 
Sansui Receiver.

-All thru USAudiomart exclusively
-All excellent buyers
-Priced ranging from $300 to $2,200.
-Longest sale took about 2 weeks. Most sell in 3-5 days.

I price things where they seem to be selling and expect a 5-10%
lower offer which I usually accept. Buyer pays freight. Paypal nego.
I also insure every shipment and know how to box things well.

I see no reason to pay another 2 percent to Audiogon when
smart buyers shop the Shark which covers multiple venues.

total agreement. of course at some point i suppose that usaudiomart will start charging. i hope not. 
Don’t forget Audio Circle Trader. The platform is dated and cumbersome to work with, but I have sold a lot of gear there.