Selling on Audiogon

Hello. I’m wondering how to sell items on Audiogon. I’m suffering from extreme tinnitus and unfortunately have to sell my Focal Stellias. I can’t get near headphones and wonder if all hifi listening will come to an end.  They have under 50 hours on them. Do I have to join the insider division? Thanks.


Also, with headphones, you might be better off selling listing them on Head-Fi. I don’t think there’s as big of a headphone user market perusing through Audiogon, but there’s no harm in listing them in both marketplaces. USAudioMart is another good one. 

Thanks for the advice. The tinnitus is acute and started 18 months ago and I had no problems before this. I need to see a neurosurgeon. This cannot be ignored unfortunately. My right ear is much worse and this indicates a serious problem. I still listen to music with my 2 channel setup occasionally. I hope this can be resolved surgically. I can not imagine living life without music or this continuing to get worse as it still is. I need serious neck and back surgery yet this is more than that. I’ll post about it after I see another specialist. Thanks again.

I just figured out I need to hit the classifieds link to set upselling items. Thanks Jss49 for the link. It took me back to classifieds and I figured it out. One thing I noticed is 95%!of sellers have a no returns policy on used items. I do not think I would buy anything used with a no returns policy. I think 7 days is appropriate. Any thoughts? Thanks again.


Usually returns are because of buyer’s remorse not because the item is defective.

Once you sell something on Audiogon the fees are withdrawn from the seller and the listing is closed. Do your homework, check the seller’s rating/history, and know the product before you buy it.


I sold a Rogue RP-5 preamp that was less than 2 years old to someone here. About 5-6 months later, he messages me saying there is a problem with it and wanted a refund, lol. I reminded him I am not a store and the answer was no. My recommendation, don’t buy used from a private party and think the private party is going to give you service or a cash refund. Jeez.

I sold a pair o Odyssey Kismet floorstanding speakers to a guy on Audio Circle for a song.   I wanted to keep the speakers but I promised my wife I would thin the herd. A few months later, the person wanted me to buy them back from him because he had buyers remorse (he told me so), really?.