Senior Audiophiles - Audiophile since the 60-70's?

How many Senior (true) Audiophiles do we have here since the 70's or prior?

What was your favorite decade and why?

What are your thoughts of the current state of Audio?

Would you trade your current system for a past system?
I hope that I can make that statement when I am 78. I will feel blessed to just make it to 78.
the only thing I miss about the sixties and seventies is the great audio dealers,who would let you try out equipment,help you set it up without charging you hundred $,and make you feel they are doing you a great favor.I do not miss the LPs at my age if I had to get up every 20 minutes to change record I may live longer because of that exercise but I just would not bother.Nor do I miss the tuning of the arm and cartridges nor the expense of wiping out the styluses.I beleive our memory deceives us the rate of improvement in audio in the sixties by marantz,mac ,JBL,Bozak followed by levinson was so impressive that we believed it was the best equipment today the rate of improvement is very slow and incremental at best that we tend not to appreciate how good audio equipment has become.I have to admit that I still try to improve on the quality of the reproduction by wasting money on the latest of whatever,but it is more out of boredom on no financial constraints.But once you cross into the seventh decade of your life you might aswell try enjoy every moment.
1970's : ESS Tempests, Luxman L-80V, Dual turntable, Shure cartridge. I guess that makes me an audiophile from the 70's, but "Senior" at 52?! hmmmmm.....

What do I think about the current state of audiodom? Wonderful and silly. The former because of all the great equipment; the latter because I have 500 CD's, many of which need some tweaking re. eq. Should I start saving for 500 different cables/interconnects? Where in the world are the tone controls?

Steve O.
Ramy, I too miss the quality dealers who expected their business would yield them a living without pressing like a used car salesman. They also could talk about what they had seen at CES and the wonders to come. JG Holt's Stereophile also brought me wonders that seldom appeared in Tallahassee. I also agree that much of the equipment is revered today but was just okay. The Marantz 7 is one such piece.

I continue to play LPs today and think this sources to be superior to digital, but vinyl today is far superior to what I had then. I also still surf the crest of the wave of quality reproduction today but with fewer financial restrictions as you say.

Going on 63.

What was your favorite decade and why?


What are your thoughts of the current state of Audio?

Generally better, but more cynical.

Would you trade your current system for a past system?