Sennheiser HD570 Anyone have em? any comments?

Hello, i have been thinking of getting the sennheiser HD-570 headphones to upgrade from my 20 dollar sony MDR-CD180's mostly for listening while im on the computer and some on a portable cdp. And also on my main system. they will be plugged into my NAD C-370. Does anyone have these? what are your comments on the HD570's? Are they easily powerd by a protable? also, any other suggestions i should look at? Please less that $130 though.

Thank you
I own the sennheiser 575's, but listened to my brothers Grado 80's and wished that I had bought those instead. They sounded much better to me with the music that I listen too. I like rock and electronica, the 570's are billed by sennheiser as "classical" headphones while the 575 were considered "jazz". Try (sennheiser) or audioadvisor (grado).
I like alot of like Pink floyd stuff, classic rock. reggae all kinds of stuff, not hardly any classical stuff. But.. i kina thought headphones were headphones ya know.
It is my understanding that the different models have the driver at different depths or different components. Mine use the same drivers as the 580 but are set further back causing the mids to be not as pronounced. I would have to say that the sennheisers are very very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. I would recommend you try both sets and see which you like better. I know goodguys carries the sennheisers locally where I live and the have a 30 day return. With mine I have no problem powering them from my pocket pc or portable cd.

well, after getting Many Many responses at i have deiced on the Grado SR80's thanks for all your help