Sense of life? Tubes?

What are in tubes that produce the sense of life event perception? Is it the even order harmonics (distortion) or are there other factors? If it is, how do our brains, ossicles and cranial nerve VIII interract with that element?

Deep thoughts? LOL
Intersting question. When the so-called experts try to quantify and measure the purest signal, solid state is always the winner. Tubes for lack of a better way of putting it, sound better.

I buy my stuff according to how I like it sounds...and I am happy.

Can you hear the differance, and do you like what you hear?

End of discussion
If I recall correctly, SS produces 2nd order distortion ( not pleasing to the ear ) While tubes produce 3rd order distortion ( pleasing to the ear ) 3rd order distortion is close to the distortion your would get by running you fingers across the strings of a guitar for instance.

I started out looking for SS gear, then decided to try a SS amp with a tube pre. Then eventually went all tube. I have never looked back. Now if I stop by a audio shop that happens to be playing anything on SS it sounds, like finger nails on a chalk board.

If you like the sound of tubes, why worry about getting that last octave of bass?
Pace - Rhythm - and - Timing (PRAT) is what I believe brings life to a recording, in one sense. Combine that with a sense of extension in the top and bottom ends and you'll have most of it. Now add good dynamics and you'll have it (at least all that a stereo is capable of). Of course this all presupposes tonal accuracy and a lack of distortion or grunge.

Kt_88, I don't think that's correct. Tubes tend to produce even order distortion, including predominantly second order. Solid state produces primarily odd order distortion. The most annoying kinds of distortion are the 7th and 9th harmonics--both odd.

Don't know what to tell you. I read it in a book, perhaps the book was not very specific.