Sensual Music

I once owned a nightclub (called Blitz) in the south of Spain and learned through trial & error how to influence people's mood through music. Every afternoon during the summer, I would sit down in the afternoon with the DJs and discuss that evening's playlist. Correctly assembled, we could be assured of the girls spontaneously climbing up & dancing on the tables at a given time, plus or minus 5 minutes. The playlist varied every night & new music was continually introduced.

For many years now, I have put many compilations of mixed music together every year,these I distribute freely amongst my friends & clients. I gave away 70 copies of Philips Demo XI at CES. I thought that with your help I might put something completely different together.

What music do you listen to when you want to get in the mood for love ? We're talking about melodies that send a chill down your spine & leave your skin covered in goose bumps. Tunes that leave you weak at the knees.

Once the compilation is completed, I would happily post the playlist, so that you could download it online or assemble it yourself.

Care to help ? Come on, should be fun.. Looking forward to your selection, thanks.

Philip O'Hanlon
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