Separate DAC or continue using the Oppo UDP-205


  I have all my music on a hard drive in FLAC.
I am a using Sonos Connect, Optically connected to the Oppo. From the Oppo (RCA'S out) to a Primaluna Dialogue     Preamp. The Amps are 2 Primaluna HP's. Martin Logan Theos speakers. I have rolled mostly all the tubes, and absolutely love the sound. Family and friends also love the sound.

 My question is, Should I continue going through the Oppo, or should I get a separate DAC? Nothing to crazy in price.
I have seen these things go for thousands, and thats fine if you can swing it. I was thinking around a $1000.
But, would it change the sound or would it pretty much be the same? In other words, is the Oppo that good at what it does?

 Since we are always tweaking our systems to make them sound better, I thought I would ask all of you first, before calling the salesman. I also have thought about  getting a turntable. But I gave away all my albums many years ago.
Buying a turntable, buying albums, taking care of all that stuff. Not really what I had in mind. I would like to keep it fun, and simple.

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The 205 is great for Blu-ray and decent cd but by no means 
Audiophile quality digital how good is your system ,and your
budget ? A lot of factors  to figure in . If you have around $3k 
lampizator has a great new tube dac the Amber-3 lots of trickle down technologies from their pacific flagship . The most detailed
natural dac under $6k IMO .  I had Luxmans top dac, as well as PS audio $6k dac sold them. And bought the Lampi  and comes with a 14 day return .
Our Club, held a blind DAC shootout last month
and the results of the 20+ people who attended are posted to the site.

I too have the 205, and was ready to buy a $2,000 DAC for an upgrade.
After listening to the 10 DACs we tested, I have an entirely new plan.

Innous. $4,200 new. Looking for a used one. 

As your first responder warned, twenty answers all different.
Good luck. 
The Oppo 205 has the ESS 9038 Pro, their flagship DAC. It is a very good DAC. I had my 205 modded at Modwright with the full tube stage mods and separate power supply. It sounds incredible. It’s worth keeping and upgrading. My opinion of course.
I have seen a couple of Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ going for around $1100 here and on US Audio Mart. Retails for $2k new. Fantastic DAC with tons of configurable features, nice OLED screen, 2 headphone amps for 2 SE or 1 balanced and has preamp in/outs to act as a good preamp as well. Finally, the footprint is 1U tall and 1/2 rack wide, so is very easy to integrate/find space for. The Brooklyn was met with rave reviews and IMO is one of the best DACs on the market for the money. The only one I have liked more is my PSAudio Directstream which retails for $6K and can be found second hand for $3-4k. Cheers!