Seperate Power Supply for Audio Aero Capital MK11

Anyone making a seperate power suppy for the Audio Aero Capital MK11 , and what about some Modification, anyone specialising in mods for this cdp .

If so could you please post, thank you
I owned the Cap MK I and extensively auditioned the MK II- IMO the dac section in both units far outweighs the transport inherent in the unit (I know, as I have done tests with several outboard transports into the digital in on the unit).

If it were MY $$, and sell the MKII, and get the AA Prima dac, then pick up the excellent Audiomeca Mephisto II transport used, and THAT combo should outperform the Mk II for similar or less total $$. Just an idea...
I believe that the BDR cones are only threaded on, although someone might have put a little glue or something on the threads to secure them. If you're not worried about marking the cones up a bit, use a pair of vise grips and twist the little suckers off! Once you "crack" the glue, they should screw-off normally.
I think Fatparrot got it right .. AA has an amazing power supply there.. one of the strong points of the CAP II and it has many. Its a multi-stage PS and a major reason why this unit is loved by many many people !
Including me !

Hard to get better in PS and transport ..

I'm thinking about removing the BDR cones as well, and substituting rollerblocks, a product I swear by. I think, instead, I'm going to try a Symposium platform with rollerblocks supporting it.. Possibly they factored in the performance of the cdp with the bdr cones and designed to that spec , although I have no information to support that.
By the way, I got a nice little performance boost by moving the rollerblocks that were under my old cdp to my ML 334 amp! Bonus!