Seperate Sub-Woofers Posts For Music or HT?

I am wodering if there should be seperate posts/threads for sub-woofers for music opposed to HT? I've gone through many posts here regarding sub-woofers and most are asking about HT subbing. I am just asking a question and not trying to start a war.

My primary interest is classical and jazz music as well as some folk (Joan Baez, etc). If at some point I decide to use sub-woofers with my MG-2's, I want to know the information I am getting from this forum is focused on music. I have a sub (Velodyne) I use for HT. Thanks much all.

You want a fast sub preferably multi driver for accurate pitch.Magnepan say's if your going to use one don't go over 6" on each driver single or multiple.REL is one or MJ Acoustics from a group of former REL employee's who went off on their own.Another choice is martin Logan who are as you might expect with a ELS going to be accurate though people who I have heard from who have used both say ML actually is suited from HT as much as REL and at a certain $$$ point in both lines REL is more musical ML more slam.But neither are "boom in the room" HT products and if your looking for a less expensive option than Vandersteen 2WQ is another multi driver music sub.REL Storm. would be bit more.if you want most bass than Martin Logan Depth i.All have bass producing surface area of larger subs but with multiple drivers they are faster and more pitch accurate.Add a Velodyne SMS-1 EQ to any and you get their benefits plus the room correction found on Velodyne and other traditional "bigger is better" subs.I am trying to get friend to add a Depth to his 3.6's.
That is because subs are for Hd(movies)! A good/great 2 channel system, using full range speakers, IN MY OPINION, does NOT need a sub. TO ME, a sub just exagerates and bleeds into the music. I know a lot of goners here will take despute with this, but just look at the amout of subs for sale shortly after their purchase. I have had complete 7.1 systems with many differant subs. For movies they made the explosions more exciting. But, I tired of explosions. No sub needed here. DOA
I disagree with both of the earlier posters. If a sub is not set up correctly then they are correct. But a sub that's set up properly and crossed over at the correct place will not compromise good sound but rather enhance it. A sub will let you place your mains where they image best. It is also not true you need a small driver to blend well with the mains. If the sub is crossed over too high then it will sound thick and slow. But bass is not supposed to be fast. If it were it would not be bass, it would be midrange or treble. Every instrument and device that creates bass is large and slow. A large driver more closely approximates bass drums, basses, cellos and the like. Just remember a sub will break in after a short time and will need to be adjusted. A sub like the Velodyne DD-15 has multiple settings for different types of music and home theater with a remote that can select settings and change volume. It also has an on screen display and a room tuning microphone which makes room setup easy. You can also choose different crossover frequencies and slopes for the multiple settings.
Dear Koegz: +++++ " A good/great 2 channel system, using full range speakers, IN MY OPINION, does NOT need a sub. " +++++

IMHO this can/could be true but depend on several factors: woofer crossover frequency, how good those woofers are, how good the amplifier matchs those woofers specific needs, which kind of speaker distortions and its level are acceptable, eyc, etc.

If the woofer crossover higher than 80hz and does not matters how low goes the speakers then maybe you need subwoofers.
IMHO the main target to add subwoofers to any passive speaker system is not to have more bass but to lower the IMD distortion of the speakers that help to enhance the overall quality performance of the main speakers.

If you have time you can read something about here:

Rwwear posted this additional subs integration advantage: +++++ " A sub will let you place your mains where they image best. " +++++

Even your great Altair's could have a benefit/improve with subs integration. I can tell you that the improvement is not a tiny one but significant one.

Koegz, problem are not the subs but the very low know how of the people to make the right seamless integration.

IMHO the subs are a terrific " tool " to improve the audio system quality performance if and only if you know how to handle that " tool ".

IMHO is worth to try it due to its high rewards. Nothing to lose ( much to win. ) there because if you don't like it then return to your original set up and put on sale the " tools ".

Regards and enjoy the music,