Server/Streamer for Rockna Wavelight

First I'd like to know what Wavelight owners are using for server/streamer options? I'm currently running a laptop via USB to Wavelight. I like Roon, but not tied to it. I've been looking at the Antipodes S30 and Melco N100. Want to stay under 3k or so. I've had the usual suspects in the past. None of them really did it for me. Tempted to go back to the Bricasti M3 with network card. Owned it in the past and it's probably the best I've heard, but of course I wanted to try something different! Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Wavelight>Primaluna Evo400>Pass Labs XA30.8>Ascend Acoustics towers with ribbon tweeters.


Jim what about a the Rockna WaveDream Net server , sure expensive however they do come up for sale used occasionally.

I am a Rockna dealer and have the Wavelight here on demo.  No news on the Wavelight server.  Wavedream Server would do the job quite well.  

I have had a lot of success with the Chord 2go/2Yu streamer as a Roon Endpoint and Roon Nucleus or Nucleus+ as a server.  You will connect to the 2Go via Digital Coax.  

The Antipodes S40 is a good server with a nice upgrade path.  

I will caution against one unit which is relatively popular.  Do not get a Bricasti M5 with the Wavelight.  There is an issue with clocking between the two devices and it will work fine at first but after a few months the DAC will drop the server.