Service Von Schweikert?????

Does anyone know how to contact these people? Are they still in business. I want to listen to the VR33's before I purchase these Aerial 7b's and they won't respond to e mail and the phone goes straight to answering machine. I'm a little suprised because all hear is good things about Al.

Please chime in on your thoughts Aerial vs VR33. Room is 10x18x9. Treated. Jolida 801A reference series upgrades. VPI Scoutmaster W Van den Hul mc10
Albert can be a bit of a character, but once he gets involved in solving a customer's problem things progress quickly.

To the point: I sent the top sections of my VR4 II-SE's to Von Schweikert for an upgrade package they were offering some time ago. After 175 days, I still did not have them back. I called and emailed many times. No results.

Then, I called and started punching numbers on the phone pad - 1 (secretary?), 2 (shop floor?) - you get the idea. Finally, I punched a number and Albert answered the phone on his desk. Once I spoke to him, my speakers arrived a week later. Try calling and punch in some single digit numbers and see if that works.

I now own his VR4SR-III. Thus far there have been no problems.
So Albert e-mails me and states that he has no VR33's to demo but gave me the e mail addy of a physician who just bought some. He says to contact this guy to go to his house and hear the speakers. He said this guy is amenable to having people come listen. A little strange, but ok I guess.