Servicing Technics SP10 w/Audiocraft Arm in N.J.

I've recently acquired a Technics SP10 turntable that has a what I believe to be a Audiocraft tonearm (unipivot) and Ortofon cartridge. The whole package is in very good shape and when plugged in, seems to run at the proper speed as indicated by the built in strobe. I have not tried to play a record, as the table has been sitting idle in storage for many years. I live in N.J. and was wondering who would be the most knowledgeable tech in the area to take the table to, to be serviced/looked at, etc? Any info would be great.
Thanks for the responses. I'm less than an hour's drive from Plainfield so I may look into KAB Electro. I noticed he deals with the 1200 tables but did not see anything about SP10 tables.
Mine is the the MKI version with wooden plinth, Audiocraft AC-300. Thanks again.
Reasonably near you is Music Technology, Mr. Bill Thalmann located in Va.

He can service the electronics, bearing and even source refinishing if you desire.

5418 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22151
703-764-7005 x106
You are in luck. Check out KAB Electro Acoustics (Kevin Barret) in Plainfield, NJ. He is an expert on Technics tables. See the KAB Electro Acoustics site on-line.