SET amp comparable to First Watt SIT 1?

I’m currently planning to change my speakers to high efficiency horn from modern high end speakers (B&W). The speakers would be Volti horn speakers.

For amp, A friend of mine has First Watt SIT-1, which sounds great to my ears, but I have always been interested in tube SET, especially 300B. The problem is there are too many choices around, and I have read several online reviewers stated that 300B amps don’t sound as good as First Watt SIT 1, except extremely expensive ones with NOS WE300B.

Any suggestions?

My budget is around 7-15K. I don’t mind second hand ones, but I wish I could compare it with my friend’s SIT 1 before I decide to take it or not, so second hand unit is probably not an option.
The Electra Fidelity 300b SET ìs very good sounding.
I listened to it driving the Cessaro horn speakers in the High Water Sound room for an extended session during CES a few years ago. No doubt that it’s very natural and convincing. It filled a pretty large space with realistic beautiful and engaging music reproduction. Many good SET choices.
Thank you for more replies. I heard the 2 different types of Volti at different audio shows, and both sounded great to my ears. I have not decided which Volti I would choose. And I’m actually still researching the other horn speaker possibility.

I walked in high end audio world only a few years ago with a rather conventional system (B&W 800D and Classe, etc. ), which I chose based on the store recommendation and the magazine reviews. I still think they are not a horrible choice, but more I listen to the other system, I’m less happy with mine. So this time, I decided to follow my instinct and I’m trying to choose things by my ears as much as possible. The problem is, there are so many interesting equipments on the net, but I have almost no chance to hear them. More I research, I find myself more confused...
You are correct to follow your instincts and simply trusting what you hear. You've discovered the world of lower power  (but high quality) amplifiers and higher efficiency speakers.  This is a very rewarding pathway. In this genre there's a lot of worthy choices and you'll never hear them all. It will all come together in time. Keep reading, learning and listening. 

tmare, if considering 300B the Sophia Electric amps are ridiculously good for the money.  There are some terrific options like those at realistic price points below your stated range.  I learned the hard way it's not biggest $$ = Best amps when it comes to SET.  Happy to discuss offline if you'd like.  Shoot me a PM.


P.S.  Charles is wise  :-)