SET amp suggestions 1000$ or Integrated 2500$

Hi, I am thinking of changing directions, and flipping 180 degrees. I have decided to try out some efficient speakers and I'm a bit scared of having them hooked up to a 1000W McIntosh. I would love some suggestions for a SET or other low powered tube amp/ Integrated for the suggested prices above, so I can spend my next few sleepless nights reading and obsessing.
I currently have a Cary slp-98 and really like the sound although, I would be okay with selling it if I could get better performance from an integrated. I have also owned a sli-80 which I enjoyed, and is a consideration, but basically I know nothing about 5-22 watt tube amps, I have read about their strengths and weaknesses, but like most things in life you really have to try it yourself.

Transcendent SE OTL - probably one of the best amps on the planet. The only down-side is 1.5 wpc @ 8 ohms so needs around 95 dB or better. Doubles to 3 wpc @ 16 ohms.

This is an amazing amp with the right drivers.

There is 1 for sale on A'gon now. Not mine and I do not know the seller.

Good luck,
Jim Bailey
Have you or do you have the ability to listen to set-up's similar to what you're considering? Maybe there's somebody in your local area who would let you listen to their set-up.

I love my Klipsch & John Hogan 6sn7/76/300B set-up.

There's a John Hogan SET right now on A'gon. Realize that they are not a "looker" but MAN, they deliver.
If you're just worried about the speakers,as your second sentence implies, there's nothing wrong with using high efficiency models with your Mac.Just show some restraint with the volume knob.Good luck and enjoy the music.
Tpreaves, using a 1K Watt amplifier at less than one Watt is a total waste, because the amp will be playing in the crossover distortion region.
The first watt of a any tube amplifier is its best Watt. Except for pure Class A SS amps, the first Watt of a SS amp is its worst (it has more audible AND measurable distortion).
BTW I am a BIG Mac fan. I am also a firm believer that component matching can make or break a system.

My suggestion to Hanaleimike is to audition first as many high-efficiency speakers as possible (they have their quirks). When you find a speaker that you really like, then find a tube amp that does it justice.
Hi guys,
Thanks for the replies, I have looked into the suggested amps currently for sale.
I do not have access to audio stores so all my purchases are done online and unheard. I really appreciate the help and suggestions.

Casouza, are you saying using highly efficient speakers with the mc2500 will not sound very good, as the first watt is the worst? Don't even bother?

Vman, is the John Hogan listed under a different name?