I am in the market for a new tube amp, I have klipsch khorn
speakers 104db. I also have a rogue 99 magnum pre. Any suggestions.
Audion Silver Night II PX25
Audion Silver Night II PSE 300B
Audion Silver Night II KT88 ETSE

In the US,

Audion amps are little-known in the US, but outstanding. They also are one of the very few tube amplification vendors whose tube circuits simultaneously have speed and tone.

The Audiopax Stereo 88, SEP KT88

Take your pick of Wright Sound amps -- every one is a gem, and his sound is consistently objective, free of old school bloat.

Someone mentioned Welbourne Labs. Good route to consider.

Don't fail to consider an 845 tube amp -- that tube is loaded with tone and drive. Dared has some very nice power and integrated alternatives that are quite reasonable. DeHavilland and Audion too, in taller grass.

Check out the Decware amps (other stuff also available). I own a Decware SE84CS amp (1.8 watts/channel) (Select version of original Zen amp) driving Altec Lansing Valencia speakers. Terrific! The Decware ZSLA-1 preamp accompanies my all vinyl system. Great match. No noise issues, etc.

Both give opportunites to venture into NOS tubes.


All great suggestions. I'm a 2A3 fan myself, and read once that Paul Klipsch used 2A3s as his reference when designing his speakers and listening to music. No one mentioned the Transendent SE OTL amp, i've heard they work well with the Klipshorns.